Product Description

Experience has shown that feed conversion and daily weight gain are highly influenced by the quality of fish meal used in dietary feeds.

The main species of fresh sardine that the company uses are Crinuda, Monterrey and Bocona, which produces fish meal and fish oil with the highest acceptable digestibility, protein quality with high essential amino acids particularly useful for the aquaculture industry.

Share Market

Alimar has focused its energies on producing fish meal and fish oil of the highest quality to meet customers' needs. Throughout the time a good reputation has been established with customers and suppliers wich recognize the quality of the products and the way the company handles its supplies, logistics, and its good business practices, based on ethics and values. Since 2000 when the company begun exporting, our company has penetrated into very demanding markets, increasing its exportation to 55% of its total trade. An essential element that Alimar has developed in order to meet the demands of product around the world it is undoubtedly the strategic alliances with other fish meal and fish oil producers in the region. Cooperation and experience of all firms have made it possible to meet productions volumes that some countries require and that it is very difficult for a company alone to achieve.